Vegan moroccan stuffed squash

Sunday before the “Frankenstorm” was supposed to hit the east coast, I decided to make this recipe for vegan moroccan stuffed squash.


It was my first time making couscous, and it turned out surprisingly well! The entire process was long and drawn-out, though. There were so many ingredients involved, including golden raisins (which I didn’t have and missed from childhood), chopped nuts, and turmeric powder. I also didn’t have vegetable broth and substituted water instead, but it didn’t seem to make a difference.

Not bad for a new venture into non-Chinese/American style food!


Final result – garnished with fresh parsley!


small extravagances of fall

I’m taking advantage of my first fall in four years and cooking a lot of delicious vegetarian food. Today was an oven day.

mushrooms stuffed with garlic, spinach, chopped stems, pine nuts and apple cider. (Inspired by this lovely recipe by Virtually Vegan Mama)

asparagus and goat cheese.

so good! learning to cook has been a rewarding experience.

So is walking through the woods behind my house during the fall for the first time. Reminiscent of Walden and being at peace. Watching leaves fall felt like something right out of an animated screensaver from the 90s. Lovely.

koko be good – jen wang

just finished reading Koko be Good by Jen Wang. Sometimes I relate to graphic novels–pictorial representations of life–more strongly. I was ecstatic to find a graphic novel that featured an Asian American female main character. The last one I read was Skim, a graphic novel about a queer API high school student.

I loved the muted colors–shades of steel green and sepia. I liked how outrageous Koko’s character was. I liked the portrayal of platonic friendship between Koko and Jon. I liked the discussion of the sublime and how being in the air transforms Jon and how being good is complicated and something you try to find.

I liked that the happy ending didn’t require a romantic coupling.